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Veteran Burials
as of May, 1908
Cambria County, Pennsylvania

Contributed by Anthony J. Ream

Johnstown Tribune, 19 May 1908:


The Tribune's Annual Honor Roll, to Which Many
Names Have Been Added Since Last Memorial Day

      In accordance with the Tribune's custom, it here presents its yearly roster of the honored soldier dead whose graves in the cemeteries indicated will be visited by comrades of the Grand Army of the Republic on Memorial Day and marked with flags and decked with flowers. First is given a list of soldiers who have died during the past twelve months, with the date of death and place of burial, following it are the cemeteries under the jurisdiction of Emory Fisher Post 30, G. A. R. and then those of outside districts.
      During the past twelve months forty-one Civil War veterans and two Spanish-American War veterans have died in Johnstown and other places in Cambria County, together with several veterans in Conemaugh, Jenner, and Paint townships, in Somerset County. The two Spanish-American War veterans were John Wesley Clinger, who was a private in Company H., Fifth Pennsylvania Volunteers and Capt. C. H. Hayden who was in the foreign service.

Looks After 900 Graves.

      Of the number of veterans who passed away in Johnstown since last Memorial Day, almost half of them repose in Grand-View Cemetery, where their graves will be marked by details from Emory Fisher Post 30, G. A. R., which organization will also have charge of decorating the five new soldiers' graves in Sandyvale Cemetery. In these two cemeteries alone there are in the neighborhood of 525 soldiers, including a few veterans of the War of 1812, some Mexican War veterans and some Spanish-American War veterans. The great majority were Civil War veterans. Besides these two cemeteries, Emory Fisher Post will have charge of decorating the graves in other cemeteries in Johnstown and vacinity and some in Somerset and Indiana counties, making a total of about 900 soldiers dead. A Revolutionary soldier is buried in the old Union Cemetery at the foot of Market Street.
      John Butler, James Glass, and Watson Stewart, veterans of the Civil War, perished in the Great Flood of 1889 and no record has ever been made of the recovery of their remains. It is thought they repose in the Unknown Plot in Grand-View Cemetery.


      The remains of George M. Hess and those of John H. Lenhart were during the past twelve months transferred from Sandyvale to Grand-View Cemetery.

Died During the Year.

      Daniel R. Brubaker, died in the First Ward May 21, 1907; buried in Grand-View Cemetery.
      William Hoffman, died in Rosedale Borough June 23, 1907; buried in Lower Yoder Cemetery.
      Capt. Thomas Davis, died at Ebensburg, July 6, 1907; buried in Lloyd Cemetery.
      Jacob Wible, died in Paint Township, Somerset County, July 9, 1907; buried in St. Thomas' Cemetery.
      Edward Connery, Sr., died in the Ninth Ward July 16, 1907: buried in St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Geistown.
      Isaac Berringer, died in the Fourteenth Ward July 31, 1907 buried in Sandyvale Cemetery.
      Oliver Clark, died at the Memorial Hospital August 9, 1907; buried in Grand-View Cemetery.
      Levi R. Brailler, died in Dale Borough, August 20, 1907; buried in Headrick's Cemetery.
      Capt. C. H. Hayden, of the Spanish-American War, died at the Memorial Hospital September 6, 1907; remains taken to Uniontown for interment,
      Martin Funk, died in South Fork September 17 1907; buried in South Fork Cemetery.
      Amos Peters died in Rosedale Borough September 28, 1907; buried in Headrick's Cemetery.
      William Walker, died in the Sixth Ward, October 8, 1907; buried in Grand-View Cemetery.
      James L. Sensebaugh, died near Mineral Point October 14, 1907; buried in Wesley Chapel Cemetery.
      John Wesley Clinger died in the Eighth Ward November 20, 1907; buried in Sandyvale Cemetery.
      Henry Funk, died at the Memorial Hospital November 24, 1907; buried in Wesley Chapel Cemetery.
      Bernard Riley died in the Thirteenth Ward September 3, 1907; buried in St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Geistown.
      Samuel Pittman, died in the Seventh Ward November 25, 1907; buried in Headrick's Cemetery.
      John Hollfelder died in the Seventh Ward November 30, 1907; buried in Sandyvale Cemetery.
      Daniel Dillinger died at South Fork November 30, 1907; buried in South Fork Cemetery.
      William H. Humphreys died in Cambria Township, this county, December 8, 1907; buried in Lloyd Cemetery, Ebensburg.
      Joseph J. Mangus died near Saltsburg, Indiana County, December 15, 1907; buried in Grand-View Cemetery.
      John D. Knoll, killed by an engine in the Cambria Steel Company's yard December 20, 1907; buried in St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Geistown.
      George Decker, died at the Memorial Hospital December 27, 1907; buried in Grand-View Cemetery.
      Jacob R. Sharretts, died in the Fifth Ward December 28, 1907; buried in Grand-View Cemetery.
      Philip Bender, died at Salix December 30, 1907; buried at Salix,
      John Anderson Munson, died in East End, Pittsburg, January 14, 1908; buried in Grand-View Cemetery
      Daniel W. Young, died in Morrellville February 1, 1908: buried in Sandyvale Cemetery.
      Philip H. Jones, died at Vintondale January 21, 1908; buried near Vintondale.
      Charles B. Litzinger, died in the Ninth Ward February 9, 1908; buried in Grand-View Cemetery.
      Archibald M. Patterson, died at the Memorial Hospital February 11, 1908; buried in Headrick's Cemetery.
      William L. Bricker, found dead in bed at the home of his daughter-in-law in the Ninth Ward, this city; remains taken to Huntingdon County for interment.
      Jonathan Zimmerman, died in the Seventh Ward March 1, 1908; buried in Grand-View Cemetery.
      Thomas Potts, died in the Second Ward March 14, 1908; buried in Grand-View Cemetery.
      Samuel H. Williamson, died in a Pittsburg hospital April 3 (8?), 1908; buried in Grand-View Cemetery.
      John Yoder, died in Morrellville April 7, 1908; remains taken to Jerome, Somerset County, for interment.
      David Callihan, died in the Fourth Ward April 7, 1908; buried in Sandyvale Cemetery.
      Samuel Naylor, died in National Military Home, Erie, Pa., April 19, 1908, buried in Bennshoff's Cemetery.
      Thomas J. Hughes, died in Ebensburg March 24, 1908; buried in Lloyd Cemetery.
      John Cooper, died in the First Ward April 23, 1908; buried in Grand-View Cemetery.
      E. W. Davis died in Franklin Borough April 23, 1908; buried in Headrick's Cemetery.
      Mangus Hipp, died in the Ninth Ward May 13, 1908; buried in St. Joseph's German Catholic Cemetery, Geistown.
      Levi Foust, died in the Sixth Ward May 13, 1908; buried in Grand-View Cemetery.
      John Lehman, died in Somerset County December 29, 1907; buried in Custer's Cemetery.
      New burials made at Carrolltown since last Memorial Day; Patrick G. Shannon, Leo Parrish, and John Saltsgiver.


Grand-View Cemetery.
Arentrue, Wm. Jr.
Arnold, George W.
Alters, William A.
Amsler, Charles
Ambrose, James A.
Ambrose, Uriah, (Spanish War)
Andrews, Rich R.
Boyer, Jacob (War of 1812)
Beltzner, John L.
Bach, Theodore
Bagley, James
Baer, Joseph
Betts, John R.
Baughman, Daniel
Baumbaugh, R.
Beam, Orren E. (Spanish War)
Beck, Andrew F.
Berry, John
Bolar, Gilson
Brown, Robert H.
Bryan, Thos. M.
Bryan, William
Brinker, John
Benford, James H.
Benigh, John C.
Beam, John L.
Bingham, Uriah
Blair, William G.
Blackburn, S. S.
Blowder, John C.
Boyle, Allen
Butland, Charles
Byers, Jeremiah
Brubaker, Adam S.
Brubaker, Dan'l R.
Cannon, Geo. W. (Spanish War)
Clark, Oliver
Chambers, George (Mexican War)
Cramer, Wilson
Campbell, Gen. J. M.
Cole, William (Spanish War)
Cook, Cornelius
Cooper, John
Constable, Philip
Constable, Henry
Cohick, Levi B.
Corle, Aaron
Cover, Benj. F.
Champeno, John
Clossin, Ross
Crouse, Jacob
Corner, George
Cozzens, Anderson
Cuthbert, William
Davis, David M.
Davis, Owen W.
Davis, David L.
Davis, David J.
Decker, George
Devine, Frank (Regular Army)
Delaney, Geo. W.
Douglass, Wm. M.
Doyle, Thomas (Spanish War)
Dysart, Wm. E.
Dibert, Samuel
Ditzler, Edward P.
Dishong, Enoch
Driscoll, Chas.
Edwards, Thomas J.
Elder, Virgil C.
Ellis, Charles
Etchison, John F.
Erhard, Rev. A. B.
Estep, William H.
Farley, John
Flemming, Joseph
Falstick, Joseph
Farrensworth, A. S.
Ferguson, Wm. P.
Fearl, Nelson
Felix, James
Ferrell, John H.
Fetterman, G. E.
Fockler, Adam G.
Foust, Levi
Fisher, Emory
Fisher, George C.
Fisher, Charles C.
Findley, James G.
Fry, John E.
Gore, John A.
Gageby, Maj. J. H.
Gardner, Samuel
Geddes, Quinton S.
Gore, Archibald
Glitach, Casper
Grubb, Wm. R.
Gillinger, John A.
Given, William
Geddes, George
Gersting, August
Gregory, S. H.
Griffith, William
Glass, Andrew
Goltstein, E. L.
Grumbling, Geo. A.
Gull, John
Hobbs, James F. (Spanish War)
Hadden, George T.
Hamilton, Maj. D.
Hartzell, N. R.
Henry, Jacob
Hess, Jacob N.
Hess, George
Hess, George M.
Higgins, Col. Jacob
Hagins, John
Horner, Wm. C.
Horner, Henry J.
Houpt, William F.
Hess, John H.
Hess, Albert
Hill, John E.
Hill, William
Hiser, George
Hite, David
Howard, Henry C.
Howe, Thomas
Hay, John B.
Huber, Wm. R.
Huffman, Henry
Hughes, Emanuel
Hughes, John W.
Humphreys, J. J.
Inscho, Wm. E.
Inscho, John S.
James, James
Jackson, Joseph
James, Eben
Jackson, Henry
Jones, John S.
Jones, David F.
Kooken, Samuel
Kooken, Jesse
Kopelin, Lt. Col. A.
Karnes, Joseph
Kelly, James
Kennedy, Alex.
Kennedy, Charles
Knowlton, Mark
Kidd, Joshua
Killen, Francis
Kimpel, Christ
Kinley, James A.
Kutchall, Geo. W.
Kratzer, John
Kress, Chas. F.
Kugle, John
Kuhn, H. H.
Lavely, Jeremiah
Lavely, Aaron
Laird, Robert M.
Lamison, John
Lee, Dr. J. K.
Lenhart, Oliver (Spanish War)
Lenhart, John H.
Linton, Col. J. P.
Linton, Reuben M. (Spanish War)
Litz, John
Litzinger, Maj. R.
Litzinger, C. B.
Lohr, Aaron
Longshore, _.
Lowman, Dr. W. B.
Luther, Edgar A. (Spanish War)
Mitchell, Wm. D.
Makin, A. L.
Makin, Oliver
Makin, William A.
Mahan, Archibald
Manges, Abram
Mangus, Joseph J.
Markle, George
Menoher, Samuel
Messner, Curtis (Spanish War)
Myers, Christian
Miller, John W.
Miller, Samuel W.
Miller, Harry F.
Munson, John A.
McKenna, Francis
McKelvey, J. C.
McKee, William
McLain, S. W.
McLain, William
McLarren, S. W.
McLaughlin, D. G.
McGehan, William
McGarvey, Joseph
McElearr, Nimrod
McCurdy, John
McClure, Anson
Nagle, Conrad
Nolan, William J.
Osborn, James S.
Osborn, Edgar S.
Patterson, Harry H. (Spanish War)
Penrod, William
Price, William
Petriken, T. J.
Peterson, George
Peterson, W. H.
Peden, Henry L.
Pickworth, Robert
Prunkard, Henry
Phillips, John H.
Purse, W. A.
Platt, William
Potts, Thomas
Powell, Evan
Rees, Thomas
Raab, Henry
Reed, Geo. W.
Rideout, Louis
Rinebolt, George
Roudabush, Michael
Royer, John L.
Robison, Robert P.
Rodgers, Wallace
Rosensteel, Jas. M.
Roth, Christopher
Steele, Wm. D. (Spanish War)
Streinel, August
Sarlouis, Andrew
Seese, William L.
Seese, Joseph
Semple, Jacob
St. John, John P.
Staub, John
Statler, George
Stahl, John H.
Steel, William W.
Stonebreaker, W.
Stewart, Joseph G.
Strauss, David
Siter, Edward
Shearer, Jacob
Shaffer, Samuel
Shaffer, John V.
Sharretts, J. R.
Sherman, Thomas R.
Smith, Henry L.
Smith Joseph
Smith, James S.
Smith, Conrad C.
Stormer, John
Switzer, Lewis
Speedy, B. F.
Swan, Dr. S. M.
Slick, Nicholas (Mexican & Civil )
Sidman, John
Teeter, Isaac
Teeter, Charles C.
Tittle, James
Thompson, Dr. J. P.
Varner, Stephen R.
Vaughn, Samuel
Vaughn, Leander
Walker, Wm.
Waters, Josiah
Watkins, B. F.
Woodruff, L. D. Jr. (Spanish War)
Weimer, Samuel
Wehn, Louis
West, Johnston G.
White, Thomas
Williams, Hugh
Williams, Charles
Williamson, S. H.
Willour, Reuben
Wiserman, Henry
Wolf, Andrew H.
Wolford, Conrad
Woodruff, Capt. H. D.
Wilson, Henry
Young, William H.
Young, William
Young, John G.
Zebe, John
Zimmerman, Chas.
Zimmerman, Fred
Zimmerman, J'than

Sandyvale Cemetery.
Atkinson, John
Atkins, William
Allen, William F.
Allen, Andrew
Anderson, James
Augerman, Wm.
Arentrue, William Sr.
Beecher, John M.
Berringer, John
Butler, Thomas
Bolsinger, D. S.
Barnes, James
Barnett, Thaddeus
Bennett, Elisha C.
Beaner, Pearl (Spanish War)
Brannan, Wm. M.
Bain, Robert
Barckley, George
Beam, Jonas
Berringer, Andrew
Berringer, Isaac
Blough, Jacob
Bird, Edward
Brallier, Jacob W.
Burgess, W. A.
Butler, David
Beuler, Frederick
Barnett, Rob't W.
Callihan, Samuel
Callihan, David
Canan, Moses (War of 1812)
Campbell, Thomas
Coby, James B.
Christany, John
Clinger, Jno W. (Spanish War)
Colly, Richard
Cover, Jacob
Chappell, J. Q. A.
Duffin, Henry
Deckman, Henry
Decker, Isaac A.
Dougherty, Abe
Davis, Thomas F.
Davis, Reese D.
Dishong, Henry
Dipple, August
Eldridge, John
Eldridge, James
Earb, Adolphus
Ellis, James
Edmonds, William
Evans, George M.
Etchison, Wilson
Flick, James
Folsom, Jacob M.
Fear, Frederick
Fulton, David
Gathegan, Charles
Glitch, Conrad
Gontz, John D.
Gregory, Robert
Graham, John
Graham, Capt. P.
Griffith, John
Gabert, Fred
Goller, Adam
Goodwin, John (Spanish War)
Grimsley, Levi
Greenwood, Geo.
Howe, John W.
Hutzen, David
Hutzen, Josiah
Hollfelder, John
Howard, Daniel
Hinkle, Philip
Haynes, Fletcher
Hale, Sol
Haston, William
Hite, Josiah
Hoffman, A.
Horner, Simon
Helsel, Joseph
Hicks, William A.
Hite, George B.
Hamilton, J. D.
Heck, David
Howard, David
Hopkins, William
Horner, Airwine
Horner, J. R. Polk
Hess, George M.
Harker, James M.
Harker, Thomas
Hughes, John D.
Hammer, David R.
Hudson, Noah
Hudson, Christ
Hoerle, Henry
Irwin, Johnson M.
Irwin, Edward
Irwin, Isaac
Jackson, Wm. H.
Jackson, Henry
Jacoby, Ephriam
Jacoby, James W.
Jones, Lewis J.
Jones, Abraham
Jones, David
Jones, John G.
Jones, David R.
Jones, John
Johnson, William H.
Kearney, Theodore
Koch, George
Kuntz, John P. (Spanish War)
Kreps, William
Kieffer, Henry
Kimmel, T. R.
Knable, J. B.
Koontz, Alexander
Keyser, Alexander
Kniss, John
Kunkle, Christ
Kaylor, Charles
Landis, Jeremiah
Layton, Henry (War of 1812)
Lee, Samuel
Luther, John
Luther, William
Lightner, William
Litz, James
Larimer, John W.
Lego, Andrew J.
Lloyd, David
Luther, Charles O.
Mahan, James
Mishler, William
Miller, Archie
Miller, David
Miller, Andrew
Miller, John
Miller, Samuel M. (Spanish War)
Murdock, James
Mangus, William
Menser, Isaac
Messenger, Noah
Mentzel, Henry
Meyers, Thos. M.
Morgan, Abram L.
Miller, Eli
Murdock, Alex
Mallatt, Andrew
Miller, William H.
Marsh, Uriah
Myers, James
McFeaters, Mark
McDill, John
McClune, James
McCreight, Jas. B. (Mexican War)
McGary, E. G.
McCreary, Henry
Noble, John
Orr, J. Speer
Owens, William O.
Owens, Noah
O'Neal, Richard
Owens, John A.
Oyler, George
Perkins, Richard
Penrod, Samuel
Parkes, Samuel
Penrod, Samuel
Peckman, John
Potts, James
Ray, A. L.
Rankin, Richard
Rhoads, Samuel
Rhoades, Isaac
Ringler, Jacob
Ripple, John
Riley, Joseph N.
Reese, John G.
Rager, Isaac
Shaffer, Jesse
Stremmel, George
Shirey, Joseph
Shoup, Joseph
Shoup, Peter
Shehan, James
Shoemaker, J. C.
Stearn, Wm. W.
Stickler, Adam
Samuels, Charles
Smith, William F.
Slater, Henry W.
Shearer, John
Statler, James O.
Steckman, Conrad
Stevenson, B. M.
Shoemaker, Joseph
Slick, Benj. F.
Stephens, Samuel
Tommins, Robert
Thomas, Thos. D.
Taylor, Charles
Tracy, John
Tompkins, Jas. P.
Weigans, William
Wisegarver, Wm.
Wissinger, John B.
Wilson, David
Wilson, Robert J.
Walker, James A.
Walker, John C.
Wagner, Wm. H.
Weddle, Henry
Walker, Ronald
Williams, David K.
Wombaugh, Daniel
Wehn, George W.
Young, John H.
Young, D. W.
Yocum, Samuel

Old Union Graveyard.
Cole, Samuel (Revolution)
Lucas, George (Revolution)
Leadbeater, Thomas (Civil)

German Catholic, Sandyvale.
Abler, August
Aigner, Leonard
Comacher, Charles
Dible, Henry
Duffey, John
Ehler, John
Foxe, Joseph
Friedhoff, Nicholas
Heill, Andrew
Kleinmeyer, John
Kredel, Casper
Mentryer, Joseph
Oswald, John
Shetgen, John W.

Headrick's Cemetery.
Allison, Thomas
Brallier, L. R.
Campbell, F. B.
Cobaugh, Daniel
Constable, James
Devlin, Theodore S.
Davis, E. W.
Fite, John B.
Fisher, George W.
Goughnour, Levi
Goughnour, Aaron
Gray, George
Headrick, Wm. J.
Horner, Davis
Humphreys, Capt.
Krouse, John
Launtz, Richard
Leibarger, Joseph
Lee, Albert
Mills, William
Morgan, William
McClarren, Samuel
McElearr, William
Naugle, Adam
Niz, Robert
Orris, Joseph
Patterson, A. M.
Pittman, Samuel
Peters, Amos
Pringle, Alexander
Pearce, Isaac
Parks, George W.
Pearson, _____
Ramsey, Dicon F.
Ream, John
Reed, Oliver
Roberts, William
Riblet, Jordan
Saxton, Wm. C.
Thomas, George W.
Walker, William
Wilson, Dr. J. C.

Benshoff Hill.
Bryan, Benjamin
Benshoff, Daniel
Bowser, George L.
Bowser, Isaac B.
Cain, Frederick
Clark, Samuel
Cobaugh, Jacob
Dishong, Jacob P.
Dishong, John D.
Fisher, George D.
Fisher, Noah
Findley, Archie
Easton, Seth
Ellis, John
Hale, Abraham
Huff, Lawrence C.
Kaisley, William
Knipple, A. J.
Kyle, Samuel
Moore, Charles
Mangus, William
Mangus, Jacob
Marsh, Uriah
Meneley, John
Musselman, C. L. (Spanish War)
Naylor, Samuel
Nolan, Archie
Orner, George
Rager, W. Scott
Riblet, Fred
Shaffer, Simon
Stutzman, Samuel
Stutzman, Levi
Seeley, John
Seeley, Samuel
Switzer, John
Wasson, Samuel
Widman, John
Walters, George
Wonderly, Wm. H.

Lower Yoder Cemetery.
Barry, David
Bonner, Cornellius
Brehm, John
Collins, Michael
Dunmyer, Geo. W.
Fallen, John
Fish, Martin
Fitzgerald, Watt
Fleck, Joseph
Fromold, John
Frankhouser, A.
Gallagher, William
Gatins, John
Gerber, John C.
Hoffman, Wm.
Heckman, John
Heckman, George
Hahn, Charles
Judge, Thomas
Keelan, Owen
Mullen, Peter
Lynott, John
Mahoney, Patrick
McCabe, Thomas
McGlaughlin, Wm.
McDermott, Peter
McGrory, Hugh
McAnally, Roger
McAnally, Patrick
Murray, Patrick
Murray, Owen
Neary, Thomas
Rodgers, Patrick
Soltzhart, August
Suidmiller, F. H.
Senenger, Joseph
Stibich, Joseph
Waters, Patrick
Weible, George

Decker's Cemetery.
Arentrue, Samuel
Barkhymer, David
Green, James A.
Kelly, George
Rager, Andrew P.
Wood, F. C.

Wise Burying Ground, Lower Yoder Township.
Wise, James

Singer's Cemetery.
Arthur, John T.
Buck, David H.
Cover, John
Hoffman, Jesse
Huber, Louis
Horner, William H.
Parks, John
Shoup, Michael D.
Walker, Phillip

Wesley Chapel Cemetery.
Albaugh, John
Gillen, William
Loudenstine, Amos
Keiffer, Jacob
Reighard, Daniel
Sensebaugh, J. L.
Stewart, Oliver J.
Stewart, John
Wayne, Harry

Angus Cemetery.
Albaugh, Daniel
Leidy, Samuel (Revolution)
Albaugh, Peter Ream, Jacob

St. John's Cemetery, Geistown.
Akers, Alvar
Burns, Michael
Burns, John
Brady, Patrick E.
Brennan, Patrick
Carney, Zyph
Confer, Francis D. (Regular Army)
Crouse, Henry
Culliton, Francis
Cooney, John T.
Connery, Edward
Dimond, James
Donnelly, Wm. C.
Easley, Casper W.
Flinn, Frank (Spanish War)
Gordon, David P.
Horan, Patrick
Howlett, Michael
Heneghan, John
Heneghan, Timothy (Spanish War)
Jenks, Thomas
King, Dorsey
Kelly, Charles
Lewis, Job
McCann, Thomas
McKinney, Owen
Noll, John D.
O'Connell, Patrick
Parkinson, Geo. W.
Riley, Bernard
Russell, Luke
Smith, Val.
Sweeney, James
Ward, Andrew

St. Joseph's Cemetery, Geistown.
Bloom, C.
Brindle, Albert
Dorris, Christian
Edelmann, S.
Foster, Andrew
Friedhoff, H. P.
Geis, Conrad
Gfrorer, Ignatius
Hellstern, Joseph
Inglert, John
Hienger, Rudolph
Himes, Frank
Hipp, Mangus
Kessler, Fabian
Munsert, Fred
McAuley, Thomas
Lohr, John
Studeny, George
Schonhardt, F.
Seiwert, John
Voeghtly, Geo.
Voltz, George
Wallheim, Mat.
Warner, Pius

Baker's Furnace, Union Cemetery (Near Cramer)
Bracken, Wesley
Fulton, John
Good, Wesley
Merritts, George
Merritts, Geo. Sr.
Moody, G. W.
McClelland, Frank
Ressler, David
Ressler, John
Sellers, Fred
Utzler, John

Matthews' Graveyard, Between Armagh and Cramer.
Findley, James (War of 1812)
Sensebaugh, Jacob
Rager, William
Swartzweller, Miles

Ream's Cemetery, Upper Yoder Twp.
Ream, Jacob

Independent Cemetery, Upper Yoder Twp.
Forbes, John
Gardner, John P.
Mishler, Christ
Speicher, Samuel
Ream, Samuel J.
Sell, George

Brown's Cemetery, Jackson Twp.
Burkhart, Samuel
Funk, Henry
Miller, _____ (1812)

Elton, or Dunmyer's.
Gearhard, Peter
Grambling, Adam
Myers, August
Shaffer, Henry
Varner, John
Wolford, Michael

Lambaugh's, Jackson Twp.
Lee, Merriman
Reynolds, Henry
Rager, George
Rager, Peter
Rager, Michael
Shuman, Henry

Scalp Level.
Gathegan, Thos. K.
Harshberger, John
Rose, David
Seese, John J.
Sproul, Jacob R.

Laurel Hill.
Smith, John

Weaver's Burying Ground.
Thomas, Peter
Weaver, Noah
Barnett, Levi
Ott, Henry
Newcomer, Joseph
Meyer, John G.

Gossard Cemetery.
Zimmerman, Wm.

Armagh Cemetery, Indiana County, In Charge of Post 30, G. A. R.
Altemus, Adam
Baker, George W.
Bolar, George
Buchanan, David
Cauffield, James
Dripps, S. W.
Elder, Capt. S. M.
Elliott, Benjamin
Findley, Jacob
Fox, Henry
Fox, John
Fry, Jacob Sr.
Fry, John
Gilpatrick, Mark P.
Griffith, Thomas
Hotham, Clark
Hatch, Z. T.
Hartman, Nat'niel
Johnston, Lewis M.
Johnson, Martin C.
Johns, Isaac
Jenkins, John B.
Killen, Daniel
Killen, John
Lawson, James
Lawson, John
Long, James
Mack, John D.
Morrison, Jas. M.
Meanor, Samuel
McCracken, James
McDonald, James
McDonald, Parker
Patterson, Fer.
Rager, Hiram
Rager, Rev.
Shaffer, _____
Stewart, Dr. W. B.
Sproul, James
Sproul, Oliver
Smith, Samuel
Sharp, George Sr.
Shoup, Rev. George
Tinkcom, J. L.
Van Horn, Alex
Van Horn, H. C.
Van Horn, Isaiah
Wallace, Capt. John

Clyde, Indiana County.
Walback, Charles

      Any one knowing of the grave of a soldier in any of the above cemeteries whose name is not given will confer a favor on the Grand Army by reporting to The Tribune, which will publish the information.


Lloyd Cemetery, Ebensburg.
Barker, A. A.
Barker, V. S.
Clement, William
Curran, James
Davis, Daniel P.
Davis, Evan R.
Davis, George W.
Davis, John E.
Davis, Richard L.
Davis, W. D.
Davis, Col. S. W.
Davis, William T.
Davis, Wilmer A.
Davis, Thomas
Evans, Alvin
Evans, David I.
Evans, David H.
Evans, David J.
Evans, Daniel O.
Evans, Dr. D. W.
Evans, Edward L.
Evans, Evan D.
Evans, Griffith T.
Evans, James N.
Evans, Jeremiah D.
Evans, John C.
Evans, John O.
Evans, Lemuel
Evans, Thomas E.
Evans, Thomas J.
Evans, William
Faith John
Griffith, Evan
Griffith, Wm. W.
Hawkins, Matthias
Henry, Samuel
Henderson, Joseph
Heyer, Charles H.
Humphreys, W. R.
Humphreys, W. H.
Hughes, Thos. J.
Hutchinson, J. T.
James, David J.
Jeffries, Isaac
Jervis, Thomas
Jones, Daniel T.
Jones, David J.
Jones, David S.
Jones, George W.
Jones, Hugh
Jones, Isaac D.
Jones, John A.
Jones, Thos. L.
Jones, Jonathan E.
Kimball, John
Kinkead, Geo. A.
Lewis, Thomas D.
Libby, John F.
Littlefield, J. A.
Lloyd, Thomas J.
Mack, George
McBride, Roger
Mills, William Sr.
Moore, Thomas B.
Morgan, James
Morgan, John R.
Makin, William
MacNamara, Thos.
Nipple, Thomas
Powell, David Jr.
Reese, Samuel
Roberts, James
Roberts, Wm. R.
Roberts, W. R.
Rodgers, John
Ross, James N.
Sechler, George A.
Sechler, W. H.
Shinafelt, Adam
Thomas, R. J.
Thompson, Robt. H.
Tibbott, Jabez
Tibbott, R. D.
Todd, Thomas
Williams, Robert
Williams, T. W.
Williams, B. F.

Catholic Cemetery, Ebensburg.
Christy, Rev. R. C.
Scanlan, John E.
Porter, John
Noon, James C.
Edelbiute, Mack
Weible, Andrew
Mills, William Jr.
Fagan, Jeremiah A.
McBreen, Thomas
Litzinger, Thos. D.
Litzinger, Jas. A.
Litzinger, Andy J.
Tierney, Francis P.
Chase, Stephen A.
Lambaugh, John
Collins, James
Murray, James
Burk, James C.

Old Cemetery, Ebensburg.
Todd, George W.
Evans, Thomas O.
Evans, David
Roberts, Milton
Lewis, Richard
Davis, Edward E.

St. Benedict's Cemetery, Carrolltown.
Baker, Andrew P.
Borkey, Abram A.
Boyd, John
Byrne, John
Byrne, Francis
Driscoll, Elias
Dumm, Valentine
Easly, George W.
Eastman, Edward
Eberstol, Dr. Jos.
Ebig, Edward (Spanish War)
Eckenrode Thos.
Gillespie, Edward
Himmel, John
Kane, Patrick
Kaylor, Peter
Kaylor, Michael
Koontz, Jacob
Koontzman, John
Miller, Andrew
Miller, George
McCombie, Wm.
McCombie, Robert
Meisel, Thomas E.
Parrish, Leo
Stoltz, John
Sullivan, Daniel
Shannon, Pat. G.
Saltsgiver John
Tomer, A. C.
Weakland, Henry
Weakland, Peter
Wenkel, John B.
Yost, Richard

Belsano Cemetery, U. B. Church.
Williams, Joseph J.
Marsh, Andrew
Eastman, Asa
Strasbaugh, Peter
Strasbaugh, Chas.
Shearer, George

Bethel Cemetery (at Bethel).
Campbell, George
Davis, Moses
Hilty, Simon H.
Jones, John J.
Jones, Phillip H.
Larimer, William
Mahan, Thomas
Patterson, John
Reese, Enoch
Stiles, Luther
Wagner, Peter

Belsano Cemetery, M. E. Church.
Reed, William
May, William
Quinton, William
Reed, Samuel

Beulah Cemetery (on Blacklick Creek).
Mills, Edward
Mills, James
Evans, Thomas

Summerhill Cemetery.
Stineman, D. T.
Patterson, Robert
Patterson, William
Stephens, Benj.
Miller, Anthony
Fresh, Charles
Gillman, William
Ocher, William
Gable, William
Myers, Conrad
Varner, Samuel
Rice, William F.

Lutheran Cemetery, Jackson Twp.
Alters, Henry
Carney, Thompson
Paul, Jacob M.
Gray, Thomas

Hermon Cemetery.
James, Evan D.
Patterson, S. D.
Devereaux, T. T.

Dunkard Cemetery, Blacklick Twp.
Black, William F.
Campbell, William
Hill, Fred D.
Rager, Henry

Powell Cemetery.
Powell, Daniel

Munday's Cemetery, Jackson Twp.
Mangus, James
Seese, Noah
Russell, William
Smith, Emanuel

St. Joseph's Cemetery, Hastings.
Miller, William

Nicktown Cemetery.
Edmiston, Samuel
James, D. T.

Catholic Cemetery, Wilmore.
Beiter, Joseph
Beiter, Matthias
Berry, Michael
Burke, Edward F.
Burgoon, John
Carney, Patrick.
Costlow, James
Cowan, William
Davis, Albert
Delahunt, Lewis
Dugan, John
Dugan, Hugh
Egan, Michael
Flenner, P. (1812)
Fox, Peter
Fury, James
Graham, Peter
Holder, John
Horner, Joseph
Kernan, Hugh
Kinney, William
Lutz, Michael
Lilly, Richard
Little, Bernard
Little, Peter
Little, Thomas
Litzinger, William
Maltzi, Valentine
Moore, Thomas
Mullen, John
Mullen, William
McAteer, John
McDonald, John
McConnell, Wm. T.
McGovern, John
McKernan, Hugh
Noel, John C.
Reilly, Edward
Schroth, John
Skelley, James A.
Trotter, William
Vilsack, Joseph
Wadsworth, Mich.
Wilkinson, William

Lutheran Cemetery, Wilmore.
Barber, W.
Chestnutwood, A.
Clawson, William
Dellinger Emanuel
Dellinger, Harrison
Emigh, Restler
Hardman, James
Kephart, S. A.
Martin, Harry
Ott, William (Mexican)
Porter, W. W.
Settlemyer, Godfrey (1776)
Sharp, Henry
Wherry, John

U. B. Cemetery, Wilmore.
Kern, Dr. S. M.
Crum, William
Butler, John
Burge, Joseph
Worchester, C. H.
Fleck, John
Rorabaugh, G. G.
Pringle, George D.
Rugh, John
Woleslagle L. (1898)
Woleslagle, P. M.

Pringle Hill Cemetery.
Pringle, Martin Jr.
Pringle, Phillip
Pringle, D. M.
Pringle, Samuel M.
Pringle, H. H.
Pringle, Wm. Jr.
Pringle, Isaac W.
Pringle, Joseph W.
Settlemyer, Adam
Settlemyer, Henry
Thacher, William
Wonders, Jacobs
Miller, John

Union Cemetery, Lilly.
Brady, John
Dibble, William (Spanish War)
Ehrenfeld, Michael
George, Albert
Ullery, John
Williams, George

St. Bridget's Cemetery, Lilly.
Brown, Rev. Rich
Bender, Gephart
Brown, Peter
Behe, Henry
Behe, Joseph
Boley, Henry
George, Fred M.
Moreland, W. F.
McMullen, Joseph
McPhillips, Patrick
Short, John W.
Wallace, Edward

Portage Cemetery
Ritchey, David

New Germany Cemetery.
Kick, William
McCall, Phillip
Rider, Henry
Nist, Joseph
Bopp, John
Mariz, William
Hammond, W. J.

South Fork Cemetery.
Dillinger, Daniel
Chappell, Charles
Young, James O.
Orr, John
Swartzentruver, P.
Moore, Morris C.
Funk, Martin
Frick, W. C. (1812)
Murphy, Daniel
Weaver, Jesse E.
George, Nicholas S.
Stineman, Geo B.

Coleman Cemetery.
Crum, John R.
Sherbine, Phillip
Smay, John
Crum, William
Brenner, John

Pringle Hill Evangelical.
Wonders, Jacob

Mt. Union Cemetery.
Plummer, Levi
Wherry, Joseph M.
Crum, Austin T.
Ream, Isaac
Rager, James (Mexican War)
Emeigh, John G.
Emeigh, Uriah
Plummer, Isaac W.
Crum, David
Crum, Stephen
Plummer, Stephen

Snavely Cemetery, Elton.
Sell, Jacob S.

Reighard Cemetery.
Orris, Levi
Reighard, John J.
Grumbling, Charles

Mt. Hebron Cemetery.
Bisel, Isaac A.
Gramling, Charles
Stull, John M.
Shartz, Charles
Burkey, Aaron
Makin, Theodore
Unknown Grave

Dunmyer Cemetery.
Myers, August
Gerhart, J. P. W.
Gramling, Adam S.
Grief, John A.
Sprowl, Jacob R.
McLucas, George
Walford, Michael
Murphy, Simon
Shaffer, Henry Y.
King, Peter (Mexican)

Mt. Union, Croyle Township.
Stutzman, Daniel

Salix Cemetery.
Bender, Philip
Wissinger, John P.
Bisel, Emanuel
Wissinger, Joshua
Richardson, George
Guyer, J. A.
Miller, Daniel

Sitman's Cemetery.
Plummer, John W.

Mt. Hope Cemetery.
Allen, Clinton
Kelper, Henry
Reighard, Edward
Varner, Jacob G.

Burke's Cemetery.
Barry, Reuben
Brenner, John
Brown, William D.
Dimond, Phillip
Sherbine, Phillip
Ream, John
Helsel, Henry
Crum, William
Crum, John R.
Smay, John
Crum, Hiram

St. Patrick's, Tunnelhill
in charge of Thomas McCloskey Post G. A. R. of Gallitzin
Mills, Capt. David
Crist, S. A. Lt.
Mills, Alexander
Howell, A. Thos.
McKibbon, Celest'e
Johnston, Henry
McGuire, Jas. N.
Bertram, George
Patton, Edward
Cronan, Dennis
Godfrey, Patrick
McMorris, Mich.
Christy, J. M.
McCloskey, C. K.
Campbell, Robert
Eckenrod, Joseph
Cruse, Lieut. G. W.
Kelley, Michael
Smith, Patrick
Cronour, Francis
Durbin, Stephen
Burns, P. C.
Casey, Patrick
McKinney, James
Huey, Samuel
Burns, Patrick
Kelley, James
Howell, William
Kelley, Michael
Hartman, Samuel
Delozier, Daniel
Bendon, James
Franey, Michael
Donahugh, Robert
McCloskey, J. G.
Bendon, Theo.
Lloyd, Thos.

Bennington Cemetery.
Askins, Alexander
Call, James
Devinport, John
Magher, James
Moyers, Joseph
Mills, John
Slusser, Isaac
Wilt, I. W.

Union Cemetery, Gallitzin
Sherra, Abraham
Cochern, Robert
Lingerfelt, Josiah
Williamson, Joshua
Landers, Thomas
Brown, George

Loretto Cemetery.
Anderson, Benj.
Bradley, John
Connery, James
Coons, Joseph A.
Cramer, Frank
Deitrich, Michael
Hall, James
Ivory, Thomas
Kerrigan, Michael
Leavy, William A.
Litzinger, Robert
McAteer, John J.
McAteer, W. W.
McGough, Andrew
McGuire, Capt. M.
McGuire, Capt. R.
Nagle, Richard
O'Hara, William (Mexican War)
Pfoff, Frederick
Pfoff, Joseph
Rhoades, John
Robinson, Thad.
Skelly, Felix
Storm, Hugh
Todd, Andrew
Topper, Jeremiah

Foustwell Cemetery.
Livingston, David (Revolutionary)
Livingston, David
Miller, Samuel
Miller, Reuel

Yeoman, Joseph
Boyts, Hiram J.
Wible, Johathan
Wolford, Henry
Levy, William

Custer Cemetery.
Mahan, Jonathan
Custer, Josiah
Blough, John D.
Lehman, John
Burns, Thomas
Holsopple, Christian

St. Thomas' Cemetery.
Wible, Samuel
Wible, Jacob
Albright, Henry
Nagle, David
Berkey, Aaron

Blough Cemetery.
Fry, Chauncey F.

Johnstown Tribune, 29 May 1908:


Flags will Flutter Over Resting Places of Veterans of the Civil
War---Members of Emory Fisher Post Who Have
Charge of the Work

      Emory Fisher Post 30, Grand Army of the Republic, will this Memorial Day decorate with flags between 800 and 900 graves of soldiers in the various cemeteries of Johnstown and vicinity, including some in Indiana County and several in Jenner and Conemaugh townships, Somerset County. The flags arrived here several days ago. The first lot was this afternoon taken to Sandyvale Cemetery by the following sub-committees -- Messrs. David R. Bryan, Frank H. Singer, Gordon Spare, John G. Bricker, A. N. Hart, William F. Horner, James M. Duncan, and A. E. Wakefield, representatives of Emory Fisher Post. They were assisted by the following members of Speer Orr Camp: Messrs. John W. Tittle, Lewis Moses, William Beuler, Robert Herdman, John Herdman, and Lewis Bowers. The flags this year are waterproof and are attached to a white enamel staff.
      The graves in other cemeteries will be decorated to-morrow forenoon by the following committees: Grand-View Cemetery -- Messrs. John W. Price, John D. Reese, John H. Hassinger, and Michael Fetzer, with George G. Palmer and J. Reno Watkins, members of Speer Orr Camp.
      Headrick's Cemetery -- Messrs. Thomas Mitchell, Michael Barkhymer, Michael Gindlesperger, David D. Goughnour, Isaac Goughnour, Samuel Smith, Jacob C. Horner, David Coulter, John Murphy, Jacob Noon, John Goddard, Patrick O'Neal, and Cornelius Hunt.
      St. John's and St. Joseph's at Geistown -- Messrs. Charles C. Headrick and John H. Kauffman, of Post 30 and John W. Miller and Howard Prough, of Speer Orr Camp.
      Lower Yoder, Decker's, Laurel Hill, and Wise Cemeteries -- Messrs. Peter Sarlouis, C. Willett, George Boyer, Frederick Boyer, John C. Lardin, and James Smith, with a squad from Speer Orr Camp.
      Scalp Level, Weaver's and Singer's Cemeteries -- Messrs. Hugh McCleester and James G. Warfel.
      Berkley and Sell's and Ream's Cemeteries -- Messrs. Joseph C. Sharp and Jeremiah Barnett.
      Wesley Chapel, Angus and Brown's Cemeteries -- Messrs. James M. Singer and Conrad Custer.
      Pleasant Hill Cemetery, West Taylor Township -- David R. Bryan.

Additional Soldier dead.

      Since the list of the soldier dead was published in these columns ten days ago David W. Peer, a Civil War veteran, passed away in the Seventh Ward and his grave will be among those decorated tomorrow. Interment was made in the Soldiers' Circle, Grand-View Cemetery.
      Other soldiers' graves in Grand-View Cemetery not heretofore mentioned are those of James Barnes, Jacob Coover, and David Howard, who were transferred from Sandyvale Cemetery within the past few years. Isaac Overdorff was also buried in Grand-View Cemetery. His death occurred some years ago and his name has never been mentioned among the soldiers.

      John E. Craig, who fought in Company F. Fifty-fifth Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers, died in Morrellville in February, 1908, and his remains were taken to Armagh, Indiana County, for burial.
      The remains of James Kane were some years ago transferred from St. John's Cemetery on Church street Tenth Ward, to St. John's Cemetery at Geistown and the name has not been published since the old cemetery was abandoned.
      A name of a deceased soldier in Lower Yoder Cemetery that has never been mentioned is that of Hugh Garrity, a Civil War Veteran.

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