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8 Feb 1889
Submitted by Lisa Baker

On Monday while Mr. Ed. Sharbaugh was sleighing at Hastings his sleigh caught a root overturning it, throwing him out. "Little Dan," the racer, was hitched to the sleigh, and ran at a frightful speed. He was stopped by some parties who threw a club at him knocking one eye out.

Mr. John Strittmatter, of this place, has contracted to operate the Monastery Farm.


Friday, 16 Mar 1889
Submitted by Lisa Baker

License Applications

Barr Township
Harry A. Luther, Tavern
Anton Reber, Tavern

H. A. Blum
Julia[n] Binder
Joseph A. Gray
C. A. Farabaugh
John Glasser
Andrew H. Haug
Lawrence Schoroth
Joseph Stitch
Joseph Stoltz
John D. Thomas, all Taverns
H. A. Blum,
C. A. Farabaugh, both Brewery
John J. Hauk
T. Scott Williams, both Wholesale

Carroll Township
Catherine Baker
James P. Huber
Henry Miller
Matthew Weakland, all Taverns

Chest Springs
John Crouse
Dr. J. B. Noonan, Taverns

Chest Township [sic-no town of Patton yet]
John H. Cordell [sic-Thomas Mills]
Joseph Hipps
Joseph A. Warner, Taverns

Susquehanna Township [sic-no town of Hastings yet]
Charles Kinney
Simon P. Lantzy
William Townsend
John C. Wilkman, all Taverns

Elder Township [sic-no town of Hastings yet]
Luke Bush
Dugan and Parks
Caleb A. Gray
Peter Glasser [sic-St. Boniface]
Jacob Kline [sic-St. Boniface]
Frank X. Ott [sic-St. Boniface]
Jacob Krug
Andrew Lantzy
John Platt, all Taverns
Fred W. Hauk, Wholesale


Friday, 20 Sep 1889
Submitted by Lisa Baker

Leonard Hartman, of the Central Hotel, Hastings, will have a shooting match on the first day of October, 1889. The range is one hundred yards, off hand, for three prizes: 1st, $25; 2nd, $15; 3rd, $10. All marksmen are cordially invited to attend. The shooting will take place at 10:00 a.m. [Note: His name is not listed as an applicant for a license.]


Friday, 22 NOV 1889
Submitted by Lisa Baker

On last Sunday morning about 1 o'clock the fine new hotel of Caleb Gray in Hastings, was discovered to be on fire, and so rapid had been the progress of the flames before their discovery that it was with difficulty that the occupants of the house made their escape. The fire originated in the lower story, but it is not yet known from what cause. There was an insurance of $1,200 on the building, but none on the furniture.

Mrs. Gray was badly injured by jumping from one of the windows to make her escape, and one of her daughters was badly burned about the neck and face. Harry Platt was also considerably burned in his exit from the burning building.

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