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Friday, 11 Sep 1891
Contributed by Lisa Baker.


The dedication of the new Catholic Chapel at Loretto, built in commemoration of Rev. Demetrius A. Gallitzin, the pioneer priest of the Alleghenies, will take place on Sunday next. The administration of the Sacrament of confirmation by Rt. Rev. Bishop Phelan, will also take place on the same day.


- John F. Beiter and Annie McNally, Portage
- W. J. Waltz, Ebensburg, and Jessie Letts, Carrolltown
- William A. Lumadue and Catharine V. McGuire, Clearfield township
- A. J. Miller, Ramey, Clearfield County, Pa., and Catharine Bowman, Reade township


WALTZ-LETTS -- Married at Carrolltown on Sunday, September 6th, by Rev. Father Wilford, O.S.B., Mr. William Waltz, of Ebensburg, and Miss Jessie Letts, of Carrolltown.


Friday, 18 Sep 1891


Maud, a three-year-old daughter of Mr. John Tibbott, of this place, died on Monday, September 14th.

Mrs. George Krise, of White township, died at her home in that township on Friday last aged about 60 years.

A telegraph message received by Mr. J. B. Wilber on Saturday last informed him that his father, a resident of Maine, had died that day.

Mr. Ossie Wilkinson and bride returned home on Tuesday evening and will go to housekeeping on Julian street in the house recently purchased by Mr. Wilkinson from Mr. Albert Apel.

Elmer Bruner, who is in jail awaiting trial for the murder of Samuel Reese, is in bad health, being subject to epileptic fits. The fits are a daily occurrence and each one leaves him physically weaker.

Mr. Will Ludwig took his departure from this place to Kane, Pa., on Thursday morning. It is Mr. Ludwig's intention to accept a position as shipping clerk in a glass works at that place. Success attend him.


- P. A. Behe, Washington township, and Ella M. Cassidy, Munster township
- Thomas J. Gettings, Clearfield township, and Winnie Gates, White township


Friday, 25 Sep 1891


- Joseph Pringle, Conemaugh, and Annie E. Humphreys, Cambria township
- William John Dunn and Catharine Bender, Washington township
- Samuel M. Stiffler, Blair county, Pa., and Florence M. Johns, Cambria county
- William E. Pringle and Bertha Launtz, Conemaugh
- Harry W. Dunmire and Minnie S. Poling, South Fork
- J. C. McCloskey and Mary Kelly, Gallitzin


Friday, 9 Oct 1891


Mr. Ernest Apel and wife, of Colorado, are visiting relatives and friends in Ebensburg and Cambria township.

Mr. James Kirkpatrick, of Carroll township, who for some time has been seriously ill with typhoid fever, is said to be on a fair road to recovery.

Mr. David Price, of this place, had twenty-one sheep killed by dogs last week at his farm in Cambria township, about three miles east of town.

The mother of ex-Sheriff Joseph A. Gray, of Carrolltown, died at her home in Susquehanna township on Saturday last, aged about seventy years.

Frank Sutton, of Cresson, was badly shaken and scratched one day last week in trying to jump on a moving train. Frank ought to take warning and quit the practice.


Friday, 23 Oct 1891


Mr. George Huntley, of this place, wears the belt for this season as the champion shot. On Friday last he brought down two wild turkeys with one shot.

District Attorney Francis Joseph O'Connor and Miss Margaret Bailey will be married in St. John's Catholic church at Johnstown at 10:30 o'clock on Wednesday morning, October 28th.

The dwelling house of Edward J. Hartnet, in Fourteenth ward, Johnstown, caught fire on Sunday night from an oveheated flue, and before the arrival of the firemen, the flames had made such progress that the building was destroyed. A large amount of the furniture was carried out and saved by the neighbors. The loss is estimated at $1,000, on which there was no insurance.

Mrs. John Shepherd was fatally burned while making apple butter on Wednesday of last week at her home in Burnside, Clearfield county. Before assistance arrived the clothes were almost burned off her, causing her death next day. Her brother-in-law, W. Shepherd, and wife were severely burned trying to save her.

Mr. Celestine Farabaugh, the Carrolltown brewer, along with other improvements added to his establishment, is at present putting in an engine for the purpose of furnishing the power. The great demand for the beer made at his brewery is on the increase and necessitates the running of the establishment to its utmost capacity.


- S. J. Buck and Ellie Brice, Cresson
- John G. McCloskey, Tunnelhill, and Mary A. McAnulty, Number Six


Friday, 30 Oct 1891


Conductor William Pringle, of Conemaugh, was hurt at Cresson, on Friday night, by the breaking of a rope while assisting to clear the track of the wreckage mentioned in another item. He was working with a block and tackle when the rope broke, striking him on the hop and side injuring him severely. He was taken to his home at Conemaugh.


- Peter Kaylor, Allegheny township, and Veronica Itel, Munster township
- William Bender, Lilly, and Catherine E. Boley, Allegheny townshp
- Benjamin Yahner, Hastings, and Annie Kibler, St. Boniface


Friday, 6 Nov 1891


- James McCann, Lily and Ella M. Boylan, Cresson


Friday, 20 Nov 1891


On Wednesday Mr. J. D. Parrish, of West ward, received notice of his appointment by the Governor as a justice of the peace, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of H. Kinkead, Esq.


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