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20 Feb 1862
Submitted by Linda Braund


An Irishman named Herbert was arrensted in Millville borough on Monday week, upon the charge of assault and battery with intent to kill. The victim of the villain's malice was his own wife, whome it was scarcely expected would survive the inhuman treatment received at his hands. This representative of the M.O.W.B. is now in jail to await his trial at the coming session of our County Court.

The dwelling house of Henry Custer, in Duchland township, toether with its contents, was entirely destroyed by fire on Thursday of last week. The loss is estimated at from $1,100 to $1,200. So we learn from the Cambria Tribune.

We are sorry to learn that our kind and obliging young friend, Mr. William Woolverton, for several years Telegraphy Operator at Wilmore, has been transferred to Harrisburg, to act in a similar capacity. We wish him success in his new posish.

Mr. Lewis James, of Cambria township, met with a rather serious casualty at Johnstown one day last week. He was driving a two-horse wagon across the railroad at that place, when a train of cars came suddenly upon him, the locomotive striking and killing one horse and maiming the other, and shattering the wagon to atoms. Mr. James himself was caught by some portion of the train and dragged a considerable distance, injuring him severely but not fatally. A rather bad accident, but still a narrow escape.

It has been definitely decided by the Canal Department of the Penna Railroad, that the Western Division of sail canal will be ___ during the coming season, ___ have been promulgated for its ___. This is satisfactory intelligence!

We are rejoiced to learn that Wm. Gardner, Esq. of Wilmore, has received the appointment of clerkship in the Treasury Department at Washington.


28 Feb 1862
(This was under the section, "In the Days of Strife -- Extracts from Files of Tribune During Civil War Period")
From the Cambria Tribune of 28 Feb 1862.
Submitted by Linda Braund


Among the long list of recent confirmations by the Senate of Army appointments we boserve the name of Capt. Thos. C. Williams, who recruited a company in this county for the Nineteenth Regular Infantry. The company has been in quarters at Indianapolis for the past three months, but by letters received from some of the boys during the week we learn that they were under orders for Kentucky. We also noticed some weeks ago in a published lot of confirmation the name of our late editorial contemporary and fellow-citizen, Capt. G. Nelson Smith, as a Brigade Quartermaster with the rank of Captain. to date from September 4, 1861. Our young townsman, Wilson K. Purse, of the U. S. Navy, accompanies Com. Porter's mortar fleet, which recently sailed from New York for the southern coast, as second engineer on board the new gunboat Oswaco. Wils superintended the putting in of the machinery of this new vessel, and will most likely see some fun on board of her before he returns. We wish him safety through the siege, wherever it may be.

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